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These are the people who've helped make our lab great, and have now moved forward to continue doing great things at other places.

Lab Alumni

Cameron Russell


Undergraduate Student, 2022-2023


Brady Weber, M.S.

Lab Manager, 2021-2023


Marissa Nicodemus


Undergraduate Student, 2022-2023


Julie Reichert, B.S.

Graduate Student, 2022-2022


Ella Spalding

Undergraduate Student, 2022-2022


Anna Anello


Undergraduate Student, 2020-2022

Anna Anello.jpg

Matthew Ford, B.S.


Post-Baccalaureate Volunteer, 2020-2022

Kaden Ruffin


Undergraduate Student, 2021-2022


Sarah Kassis


Undergraduate Student, 2021-2022

Sarah Kassis - Gilman Lab.jpeg
Crystal Salt

Gilman Lab Publications

PREPRINT. Weber BL, Nicodemus MM, Hite AK, Spalding IR, Beaver JN, Scrimshaw LR, Kassis SK, Reichert JM, Ford MT, Russell CN, Hallal EM, Gilman TL (preprint) Heterotypic stressors unmask behavioral influences of PMAT deficiency. bioRxiv

06. Beaver JN, Weber BL, Ford MT, Anello AE, Ruffin KM, Kassis SK, Gilman TL (2023) Generalization of contextual fear is sex-specifically affected by high salt intake. PLoS ONE 18(7): e0286221


05. Weber BL, Beaver JN, Gilman TL (2022) Summarizing studies using constitutive genetic deficiency to investigate behavioral influences of uptake 2 monoamine transporters. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol (in press)

04. Beaver JN, Weber BL, Ford MT, Anello AE, Kassis SK, Gilman TL (2022) Uncovering functional contributions of PMAT (Slc29a4) to monoamine clearance using pharmacobehavioral toolsCells 11(12):1874

03. Gilman TL, Ford MT, Jasnow AM, Coifman KG (2022) DRD4 polymorphism associated with greater positive affect in response to negative and neutral social stimuliAnn Hum Genet 86(4):218-223

02. Himmelstein MS, Beaver JN, Gilman TL (2022) Anxiety and stress over COVID-19 pandemic associated with increased eatingObes Sci Pract 8(3):338-351

01. Beaver JN, Gilman TL (2022) Salt as a non-caloric behavioral modifier: A review of evidence from pre-clinical studiesNeurosci Biobehav Rev 135:104385

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